Secretary-General arrives in The Gambia


Banjul, The Gambia, 29th April, 2023: In continuation of his official visits to Member States, Founding States and prospective members, the Secretary-General of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), Sheikh Manssour Bin Mussallam on 29th April 2023, arrived in The Gambian capital, Banjul for talks with authorities, regarding their expression of interest to join the Organisation.

In that regard, the Secretary-General met the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Mamadou Tangara, and Hon Claudiana Cole, the Minister of Basic and Secondary Education and explained to them the procedures The Gambia needs to follow to formally apply for membership in the Organisation.

The authorities in The Gambia have indicated their desire to join the OEC. He said that once the necessary steps are taken, they have his support for admission to State Membership at the forthcoming General Assembly, scheduled to take place in Addis Ababa from 27 to 30 June 2023.

At the meeting, the Secretary-General used the opportunity to address a cross section of senior technical official from various ministries about the mission and vision of the organisation.Secretary-General Bin Mussallam said that simply put, the OEC was formed to contribute to building a third, inclusive way of development, from the south, for Humanity based on the principles of solidarity, equity and equality.

In addition, the Secretary-General said, the OEC aims to support member states in developing endogenous technologies to bridge the techno-digital divide that currently exist within and among countries, as well as reforming the international financial architecture to make it more solidarity based and responding to the unique needs of countries of the Global South.

They also discussed the ongoing review of the National education Policy of The Gambia.The Ministers appreciated the Secretary-General’s outreach efforts to create greater awareness about the vision and mission of the OEC to member and non member states.

They committed to coordinate efforts to ensure that The Gambia’s application is submitted in time for consideration by the General Assembly from 27 to 30 June, 2023.


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