OSC’s Strategic plan for eight years unanimously approved


During the third and last day of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation’s (OEC) General Assembly, the Organisation’s Founding States and Associate Members unanimously approved OEC’s first strategic plan for eight years, entitled: “Building The Education We Need – Shaping the Future We Want.”

The strategic plan sets the key strategic orientation for the realisation of a solidarity-based driven vision in conformity with OEC’s main objectives encompassing the need to; i) enhancing systemic governance and policy frameworks; ii) building capacities in balanced and inclusive education; iii) democratising knowledge and research; iv) bridging the techno-digital divide; v) strengthening horizontal and cross-sectoral cooperation; and vi) strengthening solidarity-based financing and sustainable debt agreements.

The eight-year strategic plan remains the blueprint for the development and implementation of OEC’s main programmes of activities.

From the Press Centre


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