A Third Way

of Development:

Dialogues with the Secretary-General

Between September and October 2022, the Secretary-General engaged in a series of recorded dialogues on the Third Way of Development by reflecting on topics ranging from South-South cooperation to financing for development, passing by multilateralism, technology, education, culture and research, amongst others. At the time, he was putting forth his personal thoughts on why countries of the South continue to face seemingly insurmountable development challenges and what possible actions or paths could reverse the trend. These dialogues have been transcribed and edited for greater clarity over the course of the summer of 2023, and will be gradually published.

Manssour Bin Mussallam

The Secretary-General


Regional Integration, Transformation, and the Renewal of Collective Dreams

In this edition, the Secretary-General discusses the significance of regional integration for wider South-South co-operation, the centrality of transformation – in contrast to mere reforms – within the Third Way of Development, and the imperative of an emancipation from ‘the dictatorship of technocracy’ and the corresponding renewal of collective dreams in the development discourse.

Why the Greater South?

In this dialogue, the Secretary-General discusses the idea of the Greater South – its origin, rationale, and relevance – in understanding the need for a new form of multilateralism that is based on equality, equity and solidarity as well as mutual cooperation in addressing development challenges and planetary threats of our era. He explains that the term Greater South enables an emancipation from false or arbitrary geographical limitations, recognising a South in the North and a North in the South.


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